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Maintaining Air Conditioner Coils

Clean and Maintain your Home Air Conditioning System for Optimal Efficiency
Unmaintained, dirty evaporator coil

An evaporator coil in this condition in your home A/C system will lead to complete failure and a very costly repair

Most home comfort systems consist of two major components; an air-handling unit and a condensing unit. The air-handling unit is located inside your home, and the condensing unit outside.

The unit inside your home houses an evaporator coil which is responsible for pushing cold air through the duct-work in your home. The evaporator coil does this by absorbing heat and humidity from the home and distributing cool, dehumidified air through the duct-work. During the heat exchange process, moisture that collects on this coil eventually migrates to a drain and is removed, essentially lowering the relative humidity of your indoor environment.

A clean evaporator coil

A well maintained, clean evaporator coil keeps your home A/C system running efficiently

The condensing unit outside your home contains a coil as well. The condensing coil. It’s purpose is to remove heat from the inside using a cooling refrigerant. The condensing unit and it’s coil expel warm air from your home into the air outside as the refrigerant moves through the coils. A properly maintained home comfort system completes this heat exchange very efficiently.

Over time, both units collect air-born particles including dirt, mold, pet dander and many other allergens (from indoors), and rust, wear and deterioration on your outdoor unit which can form blockages and severely reduce the efficiency of a home air conditioning system and even lead to unrepairable damage costing you thousands of dollars. As a homeowner, you can take preventative steps to avoid breakdowns as the weather gets warmer and your home air conditioning system gets more use.

Clean A/C system filter

A clean Air Conditioning System filter is critical in maintaining efficient operation and optimizing energy bill savings

It is crucial that you change your air conditioning systems filters on a regular basis to ensure the evaporator coil on the indoor unit is functioning efficiently to its fullest potential. We recommend inspecting your indoor units filter and changing it at least every 30 days of operation and sometimes more frequently in warmer weather. It is also very important to have a licensed HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) contractor perform a regular maintenance inspection on your home air conditioning system to avoid costly problems from occurring when either the evaporator or condensing coils are not inspected and cleaned routinely.

Call Performance Air at 941.497.7007 or E-mail us to schedule a maintenance appointment today to keep your air conditioning system operating at its highest efficiency. We will make an expert recommendation as to your systems status and advise if any worn or damaged parts (coils) are found during inspection process. Don’t wait for the summer temperatures to stress your air conditioning system to the point of failure. Routine service will keep you comfortable year-round. Be sure to check our service coupons for special offers.

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