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Improving Indoor Air Quality

Practically all items inside buildings contribute to indoor air quality. Everything from carpeting to furniture release gases and particles known as volatile organic compounds. However, the most referenced cause is the heating and air conditioning system (HVAC).

The concerns are a result of the strength and frequency of undesirable odors being disseminated by home heating and air conditioning systems. Contaminated outside air, bacteria and mold are thought to contribute to many health issues. Unfortunately this is quite common, as the interior of HVAC systems provide the prefect growth environment for spores to become active. Along with providing a dark, temperature-controlled area HVAC systems remove moisture from the atmosphere providing mold spores with water, and remove dirt and debris providing mold spores with food.

Look for our follow up article in December to see how regular maintenance can help improve your indoor air quality. Contact Us for home air conditioning service or an estimate on system replacement.

Reference: Today’s AC & Refrigeration Guide

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